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+ The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Tesla Roadster (below)

Locating a quality used Tesla Roadster for sale isn’t always the easiest thing to do—they haven’t been produced for some time, and the newest ones aren’t out yet—making the used Tesla Roadster market somewhat difficult to navigate. The good news is that we created Find My Electric to make finding a used Tesla Roadster easier than ever before!

Whether you’re shopping for that perfect pre-owned Tesla Roadster, or you’re looking to sell your Tesla Roadster, Find My Electric has got you covered! We’ve created a high-tech used Tesla marketplace that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before—we put buyers and sellers in control of the process in a way that’s never been done!

Take a moment to browse the used Tesla Roadster listing below, and then check out our guide to buying a Tesla roadster below. Whether you’re new to Teslas or not, there’s some awesome info there that can help you navigate the Roadster buying experience. Happy searching!

Learn about different Roadster trim levels:

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