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Find My Electric: FAQ

The Official Find My Electric FAQ

We believe that buying or selling a used Tesla should be an easy, fun experience—just like driving a Tesla! And to make this a reality, we set out to create the ultimate used Tesla marketplace!

We also realize that you might have questions about how this site works (it’s pretty awesome, in case you were wondering). So, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of our most commonly asked questions and posted them below.

If you have a question and don’t see it answered below, just reach out via our contact page and we’ll be in touch faster than a Model S Plaid goes 0-60! OK, so maybe not that fast, but we promise it’ll be fast!

How much does it cost to list a Tesla for sale?

$49—and that’s it. We have no other fees, upsells or gimmicks, and we don’t charge a seller fee like the other car classified websites. Straight forward pricing—$49 for world-class exposure to the most targeted pool of Tesla buyers on the Internet—and no surprises or hidden fees ever!

Some sites or publications charge more than double that amount and provide half the features of Find My Electric. Sure, we could charge more—but we don’t think that’s fair, and we also want to keep it affordable/accessible to everyone looking to sell their Tesla.

We also frequently run promotions and coupons, so stay on the lookout for those as well!

To learn more about the benefits of listing with Find My Electric, check out our pricing page.

How long does my listing stay up?

Your ad stays up until your car sells…or the AI apocalypse comes, whichever happens first 😉

You’re in control of your ad the entire time, which means you can pause your ad or change the status without talking to us at all (unless you need help, of course). Obviously, we reserve the right to modify or delete the ad for reasons like fraud or misrepresentation, but it’s something we rarely do.

Once your car is marked as “sold,” we keep the listing but remove your contact information and VIN, ensuring that no one bugs you and your information is kept safe.

What is your refund policy for listings? Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

When you submit a listing on Find My Electric, it goes into “pending” status. During this time (within 24 hours but often within 4 hours), we perform a number of proprietary quality and spam checks to filter our malicious and dishonest listings.

If you notify us before your listing is published (while it’s still in “pending” status), we’re happy to refund 100% of your listing cost.

However, once a listing is live on the site, we do not offer refunds.

Due to the extreme level of buyer traffic that Find My Electric receives on a daily basis, allowing sellers to purchase a listing and then request a refunds weeks later opens our system up to rampant abuse.

If you have any questions, we are always happy to chat with potential sellers, just reach out at any time via our contact page or phone number.

Are there any additional fees?

Nope! No additional fees at all!

A listing costs $49 with no buyer and seller fees or surprises. We also frequently run promotions, so stay on the lookout for those too!

How do I know if buyers are telling the truth?

Because Find My Electric is a peer-to-peer marketplace, we don’t guarantee any offers, terms, availability of funds, or anything else between buyers and sellers.

We do run proprietary checks to help prevent fraudulent account registration from both buyers and sellers, and monitor the site for fraudulent activity, doing our best to ban-hammer those bad actors from the site. We also have systems in place to detect some listing errors and flag other inaccurate items.

But because this is a peer-to-peer marketplace, the impetus for being honest and thorough on both ends is ultimately on the buyers and sellers.

With that said, if you see any abuse, deception, or anything else that isn’t cool, please let us know so we can take the appropriate action.

Why wouldn’t I just use AutoTrader or Craigslist?

Would you see foot doctor when you need heart surgery? Would you hire a carpenter to do your plumbing? The same thing applies here…

The difference between gasoline cars and Teslas is night and day. Sites that sell mostly gas cars aren’t well-equipped to handle Tesla listings (and the buyers aren’t really looking for Teslas either).

They don’t have options for the autopilot hardware or software versions (which we all know matters a lot when searching for a used Tesla). They don’t have the correct wheel/tire choices, battery options—they really just plain suck when it comes to selling a used Tesla.

So—don’t mess around with those sites. Go with the experts who love Tesla as much as you do. When you list on Find My Electric, you’re tapping into a crowd of Tesla enthusiasts who are looking for the exact thing you’re selling. And bonus—we’re nuts for Tesla ourselves (read more on our about page).

We care about the process and we’re also here to help; you just can’t get that kind of service or Tesla expertise from generic car selling websites.

What about other EV classifieds sites? Why wouldn't I just use those?

Well, to be 100% honest—because they aren’t very good. Seriously. (Which is what led us to create Find My Electric)

The truth is that most other EV classifieds sites are cluttered with ads, poorly organized, and just have a horrible user experience.

Even the other ones (including Tesla-specific sites) that aren’t full of ads leave a lot to be desired. Their searching/sorting features and all of the things that really help you find the best Teslas are plain, straight-out-of-the-box, and just don’t work well. They are the Internet Explorer of EV marketplaces and we’re Chrome (sorry, not sorry).

We spent tons and tons of time developing our proprietary Tesla searching and listing technology, and no one else in the world has it. Our goal was to truly create the ultimate Tesla marketplace where you can easily buy/sell/and interact with other Tesla enthusiasts. We’re super proud of Find My Electric, and we hope you’ll love it too!

Why wouldn’t I just sell my Tesla to Carvana, CarMax, or Vroom?

Great question! Isn’t it easier to just click a button and get an offer from one of these big gasoline-selling car dealers?

Not always—in fact, there are many better ways to get top dollar for your used Tesla! Of course, our favorite is selling on Find My Electric!

We’ve taken the time to weigh the pros and cons of selling or trading to dealers like these in a few very detailed and informative blog posts. You can check them out here:

Does Free Supercharging transfer if I sell (or buy) a used Tesla?

This is a great question, and in some cases it may—however, in other cases, it may not.

Please visit out blog posts for detailed information on the topic here:

Does Full Self-Driving (FSD) and other Autopilot software transfer if I sell (or buy) a used Tesla?

This is also a great question! If you’re buying a used Tesla and considering paying extra for some of these features, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of transferability.

With that said, we’ve dedicated an incredibly detailed blog post to the topic you can visit here:

Do I have to pay to buy a car or to browse listings?

Absolutely not! No one pays anything, just the sellers who list their Tesla for sale—everything else is 100% free. Well, except our awesome t-shirts—you can buy those in our store. But if you ask nicely and promise to rock it in public, we just might give you one for free anyway 😊

Do you examine the cars or guarantee them in any way?

Find My Electric is a peer-to-peer used Tesla marketplace, so we don’t make any guarantees about the vehicles or examine them.

That said, all listings must be approved after submitting and if we see something that seems obviously fishy, we won’t allow the listing to be published. However, you shouldn’t depend on that and need to make sure you do your own due diligence when buying a Tesla.

The good news is that most used Teslas are still under the factory warranty, many are owned by enthusiasts, and their purchase price is relatively high to begin with, which naturally weeds out a lot of bad actors/scammers in the selling pool.

How do I know if sellers are telling the truth?

When purchasing anything from a private party, you need to do your own research and protect yourself from scams.

Reports like CarFax and Experian AutoCheck are a good starting point. Inspecting the car in person or getting a thorough video walkthrough is another good thing to do as well as seeing the service records. Also, it may be worthwhile to have Tesla inspect the vehicle you’re thinking about purchasing and/or verify the factory warranty status.

There are a lot of other things that you can do too, but the main takeaway here is that when you’re buying from a private party, you need to make sure to do your homework so you fully-understand what you’re buying.

What if I want to buy a Tesla Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car?

Tesla CPO cars are awesome, and sometimes a good deal too—it’s definitely a route that we support—and those cars come directly from Tesla.

That said, sometimes even with the 2/4-year CPO warranty they’re still more expensive than buying from a private party, because there’s zero negotiation with Tesla. People have also had some big problems with the CPO process and getting their cars on time or dealing with lengthy delays (just check out Rich Rebuilds’ video on that). We aren’t saying the CPO process is bad at all (it’s not), but there are definitely some cons to go with the pros.

Tesla also isn’t allowed to sell to consumers in some states, which can be problematic. And their focus is really on new cars, not used cars. On top of that, Elon has stated that they’re going to keep all lease-returned Model 3s for the autonomous taxi network, so you won’t be able to find those either.

If you want a CPO car, then get one! You’ll be in a Tesla and there’s nothing better than that! But if you’re looking to save a bit more money and get a car that’s every bit as nice (and sometimes nicer), take a look at our used Tesla listings. Bonus point—you can still find a CPO car from a private party that often has a balance of the CPO warranty, you just need to look.

Which used Tesla should I buy?

If you want a used Tesla, but aren’t sure which model is right for you, then you’ll want to check out our Ultimate Guides to each Tesla Model.

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