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Founding and Vision

Updated June 6, 2022


FindMyElectric.com was founded in 2019 with the vision of becoming the largest EV marketplace in the world. Prior to launch, our team spent 6-months analyzing the feature sets of existing used automotive marketplaces, comparing the nuances of the EV landscape to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) sales ecosystems, forecasting market changes, examining EV adoption rates, and scrutinizing consumer buying behavior. This research resulted in a comprehensive gap analysis of the marketplace for used EVs, from which our development roadmap was created.

Find My Electric is initially focused on Tesla EVs, as there is no premium solution on the Internet to locate, filter, and sort early Tesla models. The handful of niche websites with Tesla listings are rudimentary, cumbersome to the user, lack Tesla-specific configurations and advanced search filtering, are high-priced—and the biggest issue—lack the infrastructure necessary to scale. The first release of FindMyElectric.com solves these issues.

Beyond its Tesla focus, ongoing attention is given to other USA EV startups including: Rivian, Lucid Motors, Fisker, Nikola, etc. Broader and larger scale development efforts are focused on General Motors EV developments for their ICE phase out 2035 plan, Ford’s announcement that it plans to sell only electric passenger cars in Europe by 2030, and Volvo’s recent commitment to be fully electric by 2030.

The Find My Electric development infrastructure utilizes a database and AI search function which is capacity tested up to 1,000 new vehicle listings per day, and capable of hosting and searching over 500,000 listings simultaneously. We are currently developing scalable database modeling to increase capacity upwards of 1,000,000 active listings, prior to international expansion.

We have implemented a Distributed Search Network (DSN) with servers in strategic regions to reduce network latency, improve performance, and enhance the user experience across our platform. Our listings database, while currently built for and optimized to the USA geo-location, is capable of being rapidly distributed across the world in 15 regions and 60 datacenters, built to scale to our international target markets.

Find My Electric reached its goal of becoming the largest used Tesla marketplace in the USA by 2022, and the largest EV marketplace in the USA by 2024. We’re actively pursing becoming the largest EV marketplace worldwide by 2025.


To-date, FME Holdings, LLC (DBA Find My Electric) is privately held and funded with pre-seed capital from the founding team. This funding is outlined for 3-years of startup operations, with allocations to development, marketing, sales and legal.

Seed capital will be explored in Q1 of 2023, primarily targeting multinational expansion, with immediate focus on the China market, followed by EU expansion with initial emphasis on Scandinavia.

The Find My Electric China marketplace will focus on Tesla, Nio, Li Auto, and XPeng for initial product release, expanding to other manufacturers based on global adoption and targeted delivery forecasts. Active business development and planning has begun for next year’s expansion and funding goals.

For funding and investment inquiries, please contact invest[at]findmyelectric[dot]com