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Sell My Tesla Roadster at Find My Electric – The #1 Used Tesla Website

Tesla’s Roadster is their most iconic vehicle—and not something that you can sell anywhere…you need to reach specific buyers, who are looking to own a piece of Tesla history…

So that raises the question—where is the best place to sell your Tesla Roadster?

And the answer to that is: Find My Electric—the ultimate used Tesla marketplace!

We built Find My Electric to be the most technologically-advanced way to buy and sell a used Tesla, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

The truth is—buyers LOVE Find My Electric, and that’s excellent news for you as a seller!

Instead of listing your iconic Tesla Roadster on a generic used car site made for gasoline cars, wouldn’t you rather have access to thousands of used Tesla buyers looking for exactly what you’re selling?

We thought so! And that’s why Find My Electric is hands down, the best place to sell a Tesla Roadster!

List your Tesla Roadster for sale now, and get seen by 1000s of buyers in minutes!/span>

Why Find My Electric Is the Best Place to Sell a Tesla Roadster

A Tesla Roadster isn’t just any car…it’s truly a piece of automotive history—that you can also drive!

And because it’s not just any car, you shouldn’t be selling it on just any site. The audience of buyers that you’ll need to reach in order to properly sell a Roadster is quite specific…

A Tesla Roadster is also not a Model 3—it’s not a car that appeals to everyone, as awesome as it is. So a specialty marketplace like Find My Electric is truly the best place to reach the correct audience for selling a Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster Radiant Red
A pristine Radiant Red Roadster

Sites like Craigslist, and other popular used car websites just aren’t made for electric vehicles, let alone Tesla Roadsters. Because of this, they don’t even allow you to select the correct options your Roadster has—which means that buyers can’t find it…

Tesla Roadster Radiant Red
A pristine Radiant Red Roadster
Insane Green Signature Roadster Series
#100 of the Signature Roadster Series of 100 & the only Insane Green Roadster in the USA

Have a R80 Tesla Roaster with the upgraded battery pack? What about a really cool color like Radiant Red?

Well, on those gasoline car websites, you’re out of luck—you can’t set those options on your ad, and buyers can’t search for them—but you CAN do this on Find My Electric! We’ve also had listings for some of the most exclusive Tesla Roadsters—including the last Roadster ever produced, so Find My Electric is an expert in the Roadster sales space!

Insane Green Signature Roadster Series
#100 of the Signature Roadster Series of 100 & the only Insane Green Roadster in the USA

You may or may not have noticed that there are a few EV-specific sites out there too…but they’re super expensive to list, cumbersome, and it takes forever to get your ad posted. Not the case with Find My Electric!

On Find My Electric, YOU build your ad, and it’s live within minutes and seen by 1000s of used Tesla buyers! Find My Electric truly is the future of used Tesla buying and selling!

Ready to Sell Your Roadster?

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Looking for a Used Roadster?

With our cutting-edge search technology, we make it easy to find the exact Roadster you're looking for. Save time, save money, and find the perfect used Roadster!


Largest Tesla Website in the USA

Find My Electric is the largest used Tesla marketplace on the web—and by listing your Roadster here you’ll get exposure to thousands of used Tesla buyers every day!

Create Your Ad in Minutes

Other EV websites make you wait forever while they post your ad. Not at Find My Electric! Easily DIY your listing in minutes! (And of course, we’re always here to help if you need it!)

FREE AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

When you list your Roadster on Find My Electric you get a free Experian AutoCheck vehicle history report (a $24.95 value) to help with buyer confidence.

Exposure to Thousands of Tesla Buyers Daily

We have buyers form across the country looking for Tesla Roadsters for sale every day. With thousands of visitors a day to our website, your Roadster listing will get exposure to sell fast.

Built by Tesla Enthusiasts, for Tesla Enthusiasts

We believe in building truly great products that people love—and part of this is standing by what you build. We’re Tesla enthusiasts through and through, and always here to offer expert help via email/text/phone support!

Sell Your Tesla Roadster Fast

Create a professional ad in minutes and get your Roadster noticed by the right buyer audience. Your ad never expires and stays up until it sells!

Tesla Roadster Arctic White
Tesla Roadster Arctic White

What Does It Really Cost to Sell My Tesla Roadster Here? Are There Any Extra or Hidden Fees?

NO hidden fees! NO extra fees! NO nonsense!

At Find My Electric, we believe in 100% transparent pricing and creating exceptional value—and that’s why our users love us!

We have one simple listing fee of $49, plain and simple. No buyer or seller fees, nothing at all.

With our one-time cost of $49 you get a TON of value with it. Your ad stays on the site until it sells, you get 20 pictures, and you also get a free AutoCheck vehicle history report (which is honestly way better than CARFAX).

You can learn more about our listing features by checking out our table below.

  • Number of Photos
  • AutoCheck® Report
  • Homepage Feature
  • Expert Pricing Help
  • Contact Info Shown
  • Bolded Listing
  • Top Listing Position
  • View Counter/Analytics
  • Live Customer Support
list your Tesla, absolutely free
  • 3 photos
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

I've Seen People Getting Offers on Their Teslas From Sites Like CarMax, Vroom, and Carvana. Should I Do This for My Roadster?

No way! Not in our opinion! Especially not for a high-end, iconic car like a Tesla Roadster!

The biggest problem with these “click to get an offer” type sites is that they give super low offers—MUCH LOWER than what you could sell your Roadster for on Find My Electric.

Tesla Roadsters are specialty cars, and these sites just don’t really know how to price them—so their pricing algorithm gives you a generic wholesale price.

But the bigger issue with these sites is that they’re dealers—so you’re basically clicking a button to trade your Roadster into a dealer. And because dealers work on margins, they have to offer you less for your Roadster than what it’s worth so they can turn around and resell it—either on their website or at an auction.

Even further, if you think about the broader Tesla community—it’s much more beneficial to have a Roadster listed on a Tesla-exclusive site, and give people in the Tesla community (who truly appreciate the awesomeness of Roadsters) the first shot at buying it before a dealer scoops it up like some sort of commodity.

So, for all these reasons—Find My Electric is the best place to sell a Tesla Roadster, hands down!

To get started, click the button below—and get your Roadster live in front of thousands of eager Tesla buyers in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions: Selling Your Tesla Roadster Online

We build Find My Electric to be super easy to user for sellers (and buyers). But we still understand that people might have questions about how it works—so we created a short FAQ section to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about selling your Tesla Roadster online.

If you have a question that’s not listed below, check out our main FAQ page here, or feel free to reach out at any time and we can help you directly!

2011 Sterling Silver Tesla Roadster
2011 Sterling Silver Tesla Roadster

So Find My Electric is really the best place to sell my Tesla Roadster?

YES—100%! Find My Electric has the largest exposure, most traffic, and most ranked keyword positions on Google than any other Tesla website.

With thousands of visitors a day looking for used Teslas, you’ll sell your Roadster faster and have a variety listing perks over any other EV listing site.

2011 Sterling Silver Tesla Roadster
2011 Sterling Silver Tesla Roadster
2008 Tesla Roadster Signature Series Fusion Red
2008 Tesla Roadster Signature Series in Fusion Red posing with a friend

Someone told me that I can just sell my Tesla Roadster back to Tesla? Should I just do that?

Selling your Tesla Roadster back to Tesla is essentially just trading it in to them—and this is an option that some people choose to exercise vs. selling it outright on a site like Find My Electric.

However—we don’t recommend this, especially for a rare vehicle like a Roadster!

Why not? Primarily because you’ll end up getting way less on a trade in than you would selling it on Find My Electric. And this will likely be more so with a Roadster, because it’s not a vehicle that they can easily turn around and resell.

So, we definitely recommend selling on Find My Electric—it’s quick, easy, and you can get a top dollar price that you deserve for your Roadster!

2008 Signature Series Roadster Midnight Blue
2008 Signature Series Roadster in Midnight Blue

How do I choose the right price to sell my Tesla Roadster?

We get asked pricing questions all the time—and the most common form of this question is “How do I choose a price for my Tesla that will be attractive to buyers, but still give me the full amount of what it’s worth?”

The “right” price is a personal decision, and it’s best decided after looking at comparables on the site. Find My Electric has a feature on our listings page called “Include Sold Listings” where you can check that box at the top of the page, and see what other Teslas have sold for, similar to yours—which will give you an idea of where to set a price.

Beyond that, if you need any help with pricing, simply reach out and we’ll be in touch to discuss and help you set an awesome price for your Roadster!

2008 Signature Series Roadster Midnight Blue
2008 Signature Series Roadster in Midnight Blue
First Generation Arctic White Roadster
First Generation Arctic White Roadster
How do I complete the sale of my Roadster with the buyer? What are the steps involved?

Find My Electric is a classified ads website (similar to Craigslist, but just for Teslas and way cooler). So, we don’t get involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller—we just help connect you to start the conversation.

So, the final selling price and how to transfer the title, etc.—that’s up to you in terms of how you’d like to do it—you have complete flexibility. That said, sellers have told us that the Tesla community is awesome to deal with report tons of positive experiences!

Even though that side of the transaction is up to you—we’re always here to help, so if you have any questions about Find My Electric, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ready to Sell Your Tesla Roadster FAST and get TOP DOLLAR?

Find My Electric is the #1 used Tesla marketplace on the web, and hands down the best place to sell a Tesla Roadster.
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